The People at the Nodes

There have been comments on Facebook and Twitter about coming to know people in work like #rhizo15– both about the excellence of quick connections to lively and generous people, and also about the distinctive challenge of doing this much open sharing without really knowing who is out there reading.

We spend a lot of time in my classes getting to know one another as part of making the risky work we do less risky.  One thing I’ve done early in classes is use Google forms to ask students some questions about their geographies and then I import data into a  Google Map about people’s stories of being in and from these places.

Wanna play as part of mapping the nodes of #rhizo15?


  • the “where” questions will be the ones I map so be specific about location:  An address, rather than “my grandmother’s house”  works because not even Google knows where you grandmother lives (I hope).
  • you can use the spreadsheet to access fields of work/study.
  • this does not update automatically so I’ll re-import every few days — starting on Monday mid-day (your time) so do the quick form by then if you can so we can see if this works.    All questions are voluntary, of course.
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9 Responses to The People at the Nodes

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of this. #rhizo15 ROCKS my world.


  2. dougsymington says:

    Really appreciate the opportunity to contribute, and I also can’t wait to see the outcome. Thanks!


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  5. Maha Bali says:

    Awesome idea! Thanks for doing it!


  6. tellio says:

    Could you make the forms spreadsheet available read only?


  7. professorjvg says:

    Tellio, I’m not sure, since it’s directly connected to the form. I don’t know that it would then continue to accept new data as people fill it out. What prompts your question?


    • Maha Bali says:

      I think Terry means currently no one has access to the sheet gdoc. Coulf u make it viewable (but not editable) to anyone with link?

      However u didn’t take permission to do so. Then again we all know it is going on a map… I don’t think anyone would mind, but…


  8. professorjvg says:

    Colleagues, I had set a link at the end of filling out the form that lets anyone go to the spreadsheet. It says something like “See other responses”. I cannot make the main spreadhseet read only because it updates as people fill out the form. After I do the next import, I can make a second copy of the spreadsheet to share if people would like. I have had family issues needing my attention but hope to do that today.


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